Banking & Finance

Banking and finance legal assistance endowed us with a significant exposure to complex transactions which often implied a cross-border dimension, as well as a good understanding of the major implications, either in other areas of law or from a commercial perspective.

Transactional banking
  • Legal assistance, either on the lender or the borrower side, in:
    • financing or refinancing transactions
    • assignment of loan receivables and loan agreements
  • Drafting and negotiation of loan and security agreements governed by the Romanian law, such as:
    • immovable mortgage agreements
    • movable mortgage agreements with respect to: shares, bank accounts, receivables, other movable assets, company’s goodwill
    • subordination agreements
  • Legal opinions regarding the rights and obligations of the lender, of the borrower and/or of other parties under the loan documentation
  • Legal advice regarding the LMA based loan documentation

  • Legal advice regarding the performance of the crediting activity under Romanian law, including cross-border financing
  • Consumer protection
  • Leasing agreements
  • Assistance and representation in front of the National Bank of Romania