Intellectual Property (IP)

As Intellectual Property lawyers, we will ensure that your intellectual property rights are well protected and soundly managed. Whether you have a new product or a new idea that you would want to protect and exploit or you envisage commercial benefits from the use of the intangible assets, such as the intellectual property rights, we can advise and assist you in all your endeavours and we will seek to maximise your profit potential from all the legal angles.





Confidential Information

Know how

Internet, Media & Entertainment

  • Legal advice regarding IP strategy, optimization of the IP rights protection and enforcement towards third parties
  • Registration and protection of the IP rights:
    • applications to registration
    • documentary searches
    • monitoring services
    • drafting and submitting statements of defense for the admissibility to the registration of the IP rights
    • representation in front of the Romanian Patent and Trademark Office, Romanian Copyright Office, Office for the Harmonization in the Internal Market, Word Intellectual Property Organization
    • renewals, registration of modifications in the legal status of the IP rights
  • Transactions relating to the intellectual property rights:
    • drafting and negotiation of: license or assignment agreements; joint venture agreements; work for hire agreements
    • legal assistance and negotiation in complex transactions such as: transfers of IP rights or transfer of IP based or E-commerce based businesses
  • Due diligence regarding the IP portfolio
  • IP Litigation
    • representation in disputes concerning infringements of the intellectual property rights
    • litigation regarding the IP ownership, cancellation of the IP rights, counterfeit or unfair competition claims